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The Rise of Arch Eagle Plus-Shadow Strike
I. The Birth of the Arch Eagle
Air Force Captain Riley Barne of the 23rd Combat Rescue Unit is sent into the mountains of the Hindu Kush to rescue several Marines being held prisoner by a terrorist cell.  Riley goes in a is able to infiltrate the camp, and rescue the Marines, and get them to the helicopter. On their way out of the mountains, the helicopter is shot down by terrorist, with a little luck and acrobatic skills, Riley manages to escape death, only to break his leg and find himself a group of well-armed terrorist. Suddenly a figure comes out of the shadows and cuts the terrorist down. Only thing riley glimpses of his savior, are his black and orange eyes. Then Riley passes out. Riley wakes up in a hut and is nursed back to health by an Arab beauty named Amira. The man who brought him to the monestary visits him, saying his name is Khamis, leader of the Eashirat Al’Nnusur (Clan of the Eagles). Once Riley is healthy he and Khamis walk in the woods, and Khamis tells R
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Arch Eagle on going series version one
I. The Lost Son
Riley Barne returns to his hometown of Arving, Oklahoma after more than 12 years abroad, he finds his home in the iron grip of crime and corruption. When his childhood best friend, PaTech CEO Robert Patrick Jr. is kidnapped, Riley suits up to save him. He uses some “gifts”  (such as enhanced senses and reflexes) and some equipment he brought home, to rescue his friend. The next morning, he realizes he made an impact in the minds of the town’s populous, and decides to become it’s guardian, and wage a one man war on the Arving Syndicate. To do this he becomes The Arch Eagle.
II. The Militant Guardian
Arch Eagle begins making an impact by night while Riley tries to reconnect with his family and friends. He is little luck with his high school sweetheart (and mother of his now 11 year old son) Leslie Dawson, and his father Captain Michael Barne. He has better luck with his younger sister Nikki and his childhood friend Robert.  Robert offers
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Riley Barne Agent of Shadow Strike by The-Arch-Eagle Riley Barne Agent of Shadow Strike :iconthe-arch-eagle:The-Arch-Eagle 2 0 Arch Eagle  She-Cat  by The-Arch-Eagle Arch Eagle She-Cat :iconthe-arch-eagle:The-Arch-Eagle 5 7 Arch Eagle Design Colored by The-Arch-Eagle Arch Eagle Design Colored :iconthe-arch-eagle:The-Arch-Eagle 20 16 Arch Eagle Final Design sketch by The-Arch-Eagle Arch Eagle Final Design sketch :iconthe-arch-eagle:The-Arch-Eagle 5 3 Qus AlNnusur by The-Arch-Eagle Qus AlNnusur :iconthe-arch-eagle:The-Arch-Eagle 3 0 Old AE comic page by The-Arch-Eagle Old AE comic page :iconthe-arch-eagle:The-Arch-Eagle 1 5 The Archeagle Rises Dark by The-Arch-Eagle The Archeagle Rises Dark :iconthe-arch-eagle:The-Arch-Eagle 14 9 Arch Eagle by The-Arch-Eagle Arch Eagle :iconthe-arch-eagle:The-Arch-Eagle 28 24 Just killing time by The-Arch-Eagle Just killing time :iconthe-arch-eagle:The-Arch-Eagle 4 3 Bonus: Art Eagle full Body concept art by The-Arch-Eagle Bonus: Art Eagle full Body concept art :iconthe-arch-eagle:The-Arch-Eagle 2 0 30 Days of Arch Eagle: Day Fourteen by The-Arch-Eagle 30 Days of Arch Eagle: Day Fourteen :iconthe-arch-eagle:The-Arch-Eagle 5 2 30 days of Arch Eagle: Day Thirteen by The-Arch-Eagle 30 days of Arch Eagle: Day Thirteen :iconthe-arch-eagle:The-Arch-Eagle 5 5 30 Days of Arch Eagle: Day Eleven by The-Arch-Eagle 30 Days of Arch Eagle: Day Eleven :iconthe-arch-eagle:The-Arch-Eagle 2 0 30 Days of Arch Eagle: Day Ten by The-Arch-Eagle 30 Days of Arch Eagle: Day Ten :iconthe-arch-eagle:The-Arch-Eagle 3 0


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Working on Daz today dang its freaking slow
OK my fellow Deviants, to begin my World of Arch Eagle i have posted a synopsis of the Rise of Arch Eagle, which is an outline of synopsis' for four different miniseries plus notes, and The Arch Eagle ongoing series version one, which is one of two versions of an ongoing series. I will write up and post the second version sometime this week. Please check them out and critique. This week is going to be the writing, next week Artwork will begin. 
I. The Birth of the Arch Eagle
Air Force Captain Riley Barne of the 23rd Combat Rescue Unit is sent into the mountains of the Hindu Kush to rescue several Marines being held prisoner by a terrorist cell.  Riley goes in a is able to infiltrate the camp, and rescue the Marines, and get them to the helicopter. On their way out of the mountains, the helicopter is shot down by terrorist, with a little luck and acrobatic skills, Riley manages to escape death, only to break his leg and find himself a group of well-armed terrorist. Suddenly a figure comes out of the shadows and cuts the terrorist down. Only thing riley glimpses of his savior, are his black and orange eyes. Then Riley passes out. Riley wakes up in a hut and is nursed back to health by an Arab beauty named Amira. The man who brought him to the monestary visits him, saying his name is Khamis, leader of the Eashirat Al’Nnusur (Clan of the Eagles). Once Riley is healthy he and Khamis walk in the woods, and Khamis tells Riley about the Aashayir Al’Wahsh (Clans of the Beast), a confederation of clans that have learned the secret of a discipline called Jawhar Al’badayiya (The Primal Essence) in which the induvial learns how to tap into the primal nature of the beasts, and use that power.  Khamis explains that the Jawhar is a spirit within all life forms, that if done properly can be harnessed. However, if ones give in completely to the Jawhar, he can risk losing his humanity. Riley is intrigued, and accepts Khamis offer to learn this discipline. However even as Riley begins his training tensions are beginning to boil over among the different clans. One side wants to maintain the traditions of being a balancing force for the region, while the other wants to take power and restore order.  Leading the latter point of view is the charismatic and powerful chief Khuram of the Eashirat Al’nnasr, (Clan of the Tiger). Trying to keep the clans together is the Rayiys Al’Wahsh (Chief of the Beast), leader of all the clans, and last of a long Dynasty from the Eashirat Al’Asad (Clan of the Lions),who has led the clans for centuries. Rayiys Al’Wahsh job is to maintain the traditions of the Aashayir Al’Wahsh.  While this great debate happens, Riley continues his training and excels, and earns the name Qus’ Al’Nnusur (The Arch Eagle), for his bravery and fighting spirt. However, before he completes the final phase of his training, Most of the clans relent to Khuram, however Khamis leads a resistance against Khuram, in an effort to maintain the traditional ways of the Al’Wahsh. The war between the two groups escalates, when Khuram tries to seal his place as chief, by marrying the daughter of the Al’Asad, Amira. Using his skills in covert rescues operations (which he excelled at in the Air Force) Riley works out a rescue plan. They succeed in rescuing Amira, but during their escape Khamis is mortally wounded. He asks Riley to take Amira and find Zufar, the legendary Eashirat Al’Asad warrior. He holds the key to the survival of the Al’Wahsh. He will protect Amira, and complete Riley’s training, giving him the skills needed to defeat Khuram and restore balance and order. After Khamis is buried, what’s left of the resistance offer to help Riley, who says no, saying they need to remain in the Hindu Kush, once Amira is safe he will be back. Following the cryptic clues given to them by Khamis, Riley and Amira race against the clock, and two steps ahead of Khuram’s men to find Zufar Al’Asad. One such clue takes Riley back home, to Arving, Oklahoma, where Riley (disguised in a thrown together Arch Eagle outfit) foils a kidnapping attempt on his college-student sister.  Khuram’s men, led by his lieutenant Sirhaan, finally catch up to them in southern France. Riley does his best to fight them back, but with his training still incomplete, he is unable to maintain “primal instincts”. However just when all is lost, Zufar Al’Asad himself comes out of the shadows and effortlessly, beats the assassins, and sends Sirhaan running back to the Hindu Kush. Riley learns the Zufar is actually a former United States Marine, named Frank Clarke, who like him was rescued by the Al’Wahsh, and trained with them. He also married Rayiys Al’Wahsh daughter, Amira, and the two had a son. Frank takes Riley and Amira to an old monestary, where the young boy Weiss is waiting. Wiess Al’Wahsh, Frank says is the key to the survival of the Al’Wahsh. Frank takes in his wife Amira, and agrees to finish Riley’s training. Riley completes his training within a year, and is given a special gift, Khamis sent to Frank for Riley, shortly before his death. Riley opens the gift and inside the box is the cloak of the Rayiys Al’Nnusur (Chief of the Eagle), with the cloak is a note from Khamis. “Spread your wings, and look to the skies, it is time for the Arch Eagle to Rise.”    
II. The Rise of the Arch Eagle (Guest starring: The She-Cat)
An American journalist, Gregory Hammond is found dead, in the small town of Pudozh, Russia, about five hundred miles north of Moscow. To keep the murder quiet, the President request Defcon-1 send agents to covertly investigate. Defcon-1 Director Victor Keller sends two of his best, Tyler Masters and Forrest DuPont to investigate the murder.  Meanwhile, Riley, now going by the moniker Arch Eagle, travels to Dallas, Texas to talk to an old friend of Frank’s, a former CIA engineer and tech expert, Nicholas Webb, who provided a lot of the CIA’s gadgets during the 80’s. At first Webb is reluctant, until Frank vouches for the mysterious hooded man. He develops a special gun for Riley, called the T.A.L.O.N. (Tactical Armament for Logistical Optimal Neutralization) which shoots special ammunition for any occasion. He also builds Riley a pair of Escrima sticks that can serve as grappling devices and tasers. Webb then designs special leather bodysuit armor, which Riley wears beneath his cloak. Which provides superb protection against a variety of threats. Riley is also equipped with other useful gadgets that can be used in a variety of situations.  Now equipped Riley sets out to make his presence known to the world. Through an old friend inside the White House, Webb is told of Hammonds murder, who was a close friend of his during their days in Vietnam. As repayment for his services, Webb asks Arch Eagle to take the case. Seeing it as a good opportunity to get back into the game. Arch Eagle and Agent Masters end up crossing paths in Pudozh, At first there is a showdown and Arch Eagle is able to escape (after getting his butt kicked by Tyler due to under estimating her). Arch Eagle calls up Webb who immediately recognizes the description of the feline heroine, He makes immediately calls Forrest, and vouches for the mysterious “birdman”. Through Webb the three set up an rendezvous near crime scene. Pudozh, the two exchange notes, and introductions and agree reluctantly to work together. While Forrest searches for clues in the senator’s hotel room, Tyler and Riley questions the townspeople.  Witnesses claim to have seen the Hammond at the Rayskoye Kafe (Paradise Café) with Mikhail Volkov, a member of the Russian Parliament. The team travel to Moscow to question Volkov, only to save him from an assassin, Tyler and Riley fight the assassin, and neutralize him quickly, however before they can question him he bites down on a capsule and dies.  They search the body and find several interesting tattoos, one of which a swastika over the letters JH. Meanwhile Forrest interrogates Volkov, he claims he and Hammond were old friends from way back, he had met with him as a source concerning rising tensions between the Russia and U.S. Volkov believes that some unknown source was trying to force a war between the U.S. and Russia. The team compares notes over dinner. Tyler goes to visit an informant she only knows as Pops, a retired German federal agent. Pops tells Tyler that based on the evidence she has, the terrorist Jonathan Hess was likely responsible, in an attempt for he and his organization to be brought into the terrorist organization Chimera. Pops also said he understands that Hess is supposed to meet with a few Chimera Lieutenants the next night at his estate in Waren, Germany.
Tyler calls Arch Eagle and Forrest, to let them know they need to prepare for a trip to Germany.  8 ½ hours later they are in a hotel suit in Waren. Forrest quickly locates the property. Arch Eagle and Tyler go stake it out. As they wait, they get to know one another, and Riley tells Tyler of how he left home and hasn’t talked to his family in eight years. Tyler tells Riley her story, and how she wished she had a home and a family to go home to. The Chimera agents arrive at Hess’s country house. Riley and Tyler get in closer, listen and once satisfied their intel is good, they spring into action. They take out all the lieutenants and arrest Hess. They return to the Hotel. They report in to Director Kelly who congratulates them all on a job well done, and invites Riley to be on the team. Riley agrees to stick around, but will only concede to being an “independent agent”. For now, the Director agrees. Riley joins Tyler and Forrest as they are briefed for their next assignment.

III. Shadow Strike
Lucrative business man and economic advisor, Steven Merriweather is killed in his penthouse apartment. Director Keller instructs Forrest to put a team together to investigate and gather intelligence on the matter. Forrest, Tyler and Arch Eagle are joined by Defcon-1 agents Brain Calloughs, and Ryan Long as well as Cassandra Lee, a Bio Chemist and Forensic expert and Nicholas Webb, acting as the team’s tech support. Together this team, codenamed Shadow Strike, begin their investigation into the murder. Despite getting off to a rocky start, the team comes together and eventually encounters the assassin responsible for the murder of Merriweather, the Assassins name is Dingo, an Australian criminal, who was injected with a serum that turned him into a superhuman killing machine, with superhuman strength and reflexes. Dingo’s strength and speed seem to be too much for the team, however Arch Eagle uses his enhance abilities to get a blood sample from the assassin. While Riley Tyler, and Brian keep Dingo busy, Dr. Lawson synthesizes the assassins blood and is able to create a serum that will remove his superhuman abilities, and revert him back to normal. Ryan ties the syringe to the tip of an arrow and shoots it at the assassin, Riley makes sure it stays in the assassin’s neck, until the drug can be completely injected. It worked and Dingo reverted back to the crack-head looking criminal he formerly was, and the team easily takes him down. Defcon-1 Director Victor Keller was impressed enough to make Shadow Strike a permanent part of Defcon-1. Riley is promoted to field leader (Forrest is more of a behind the scenes guy), and leads the team on its next several missions. The team gets two parts of intel that force them to separate. Forrest, Ryan and Brian check out a lead on a possible attack in New York. Meanwhile Tyler and Riley go check on a vague lead on a possible meeting of Chimera Leadership in Switzerland. When they jump out of the plan their chutes malfunction and Riley is forced to use his glider suit to bring he and Tyler down to safety, but in the process their communications are damaged. They are spotted by Chimera agents and are forced to play a cat and mouse game with their pursuers, at one point, they are cornered and to hide themselves Riley pushes Tyler against a wall in a dark alley and he kisses passionately, hiding their face from the Chimera agents, however the “fake make out session” turns real, and Riley and Tyler end up in a lustful embrace in the alley. Once they finish, and the Chimera agents are gone, they find a way to contact the rest of the team. However, by the time everyone gets there to raid the suspected meeting place it is empty.  Sometime later Riley and the team track down the lab where Dingo was “created” in France. The team goes in, and discover rows of stasis tubes and shelves of fetuses, suddenly the room lights up and an army is surrounding them. On the catwalk above is the mastermind of the “super assassin” project, an international criminal mastermind and scientist, known only as The Gothic. The Gothic, in his arrogance reveals his master plan, stating that the assignation of the Ambassador was simply a marketing ploy to give his buyers a look at “the product”. His plan is to create a super-human army and sell it to the highest bidder. Riley signals Ryan to shoot an explosive arrow at the support of the cat walk, he does and the catwalk falls, Riley then orders everyone out, but he separates from the team and goes to the control center at the top of the large room, he hacks the computer and sets the place to self-destruct. The team is a safe distance from the building when it explodes, Tyler begins to run back to find Riley but is stopped by Brian, and they all get on the helicopter. Arch Eagle survives, but is wounded. He makes it to a small village, and gets word to his friend and mentor Frank Clarke, aka Zufar Al’Asad. Franks comes and gets Riley and he quickly recovers at the monestary under Amira’s supervision. Riley is surprised the see the monestary full of activity. Frank tells him that they are rebuilding the order, and many who allied out of fear with Khuram, have defected, and many of the resistance had also found their way here. Frank tells Riley the time to face Khuram is soon. Riley gives Frank a cell phone, and tells him when it is time, to call him he will come. In the meantime, he has other business to tend to. Riley returns to the states and arrives at Tyler’s apartment where everyone (except Brian) is gathered to mourn the friend and comrade they thought they had lost. Everyone is overjoyed to see him alive, and welcome him back warmly.

IV. The Accession of the Arch Eagle
When the out spoken Texas Senator is murdered in broad daylight, the entire United States begins screaming for blood. Director Kelly however persuades the president to allow him to send in a team to look into the situation. The President agrees. Director Kelly sends in Tyler and Riley to investigate the murder. After talking with the authorities, and obtaining the witness statements, Riley and Tyler check in to the Dallas Regency Hotel and begin pouring over the information. Right away something sticks out, several witnesses claim the killers eyes looked like “eyes of a cat”. Riley immediately suspects the killer has Al’badayiya training. He explains to Tyler who how Jawaher Al’badayiya works, and how when they go “primal” the eyes change. Riley suggest they try and find video of the assassination. They find the surveillance video to the courthouse on that day, not much of the assassination can be seen due to the crowd, however Riley is able to determine that the assassin does have at least some Jawahar Al’Wahsh training.   Riley tells Tyler they are better off separating, he tells her to stay in the states and he will go to the Hindu Kush, to “chat” with the leader of the clans. Tyler protests, but Riley simply states she can’t come, the Aashayir Al’Wahsh do not welcome outsiders. As they embrace and kiss passionately, Tyler slips a tracking device in Riley’s belt. Riley heads to France to speak with Frank. To find the place in shambles. Riley finds Frank and asks what happened. Frank tells Riley they were attacked three days before and Amira was kidnapped he managed to hide Wiess, but the boy is despondent, losing his mother. Frank also tells Riley they have received reports that Khuram is working with Chimera. Riley had suspected as much fills Frank in on the assassination of the Senator. He then tells Frank they have to end this now, before Khuram grows more powerful. Frank agrees but fears they are not yet strong enough. Riley reaches into his pocket and hands Frank the tracking device Tyler had slipped in his belt. He hands it to Frank and tells him a woman will come looking for him, and she can help provide the extra help needed to go against Khuram. Frank argues this is not an outsiders war, but Riley points out that if Khuram is working with Chimera it already is, and they need all the support they can get. Riley then heads for Kahf Al’Wahsh alone, to rescue Amira and get answers. As. Riley near the monestary and is ambushed by several assassins, he fights most of them off, surprised at how inept they are, but pulls back and demands to be taken to Khuram.  Riley is disgusted to see men he knows work for Chimera, being trained in Jawhar Al’badayiya. Riley requests to speak to Khuram alone. Riley is brought to Khuram who is surrounded by many women and agents. Riley requests he talk to Khuram alone. The request is granted and Riley faces the man who killed his mentor. Riley speaks briefly, wanting to know why Khuram is sending assassins to America to kill politicians. Khuram says the business of the Al’badayiya is to restore order, and America’s greed, lusts, and tolerance for “evil” represent disorder. Riley studies Khuram’s eyes carefully, and realizes he has gone full primal, and whatever humanity Khuram might have had once, is now gone. Riley then asks for the assassin Khuram sent to kill Senator Chance. Riley is shocked when Amira is led out, her eyes glazed over and red like Khuram’s. Riley realizes she is lost. Khuram says Riley does not deserve the honorable death of a warrior, and orders he be thrown into the oubliette. Riley is thrown into the oubliette, and when the door shuts, eh is plunged into darkness.

(The Arch Eagle ongoing series will pick up where this mini-series leaves off)
1. The Essence-The essence is a primal life force, that every human has, when trained this can be harnessed, enhancing ones reflexes, senses and to some degree their strength. Throughout the world there are “Essence Bubbles” where the Essence is particularly strong, when in one of these bubbles, times ceases to exist, if you live in the bubble, it can feel like you been there for years but in reality you have only been there for a few weeks. Those that are trained to harness this essence age very slowly, allowing them to live for centuries perhaps even millenniums. The training in harnessing this life force is called different things depending on where one is training, and the customs are also different. It is said in passing by one, that it is a God like gift, and that is why the patriarchs of old lived so many years (this of course is unconfirmed.)

2. This outline is a series of four miniseries that chronicles Arch Eagle’s origin. The ongoing series after this, will continue his story, there are two versions of this, the original which is already posted, (seen here…) and  a revised version where Arch Eagle will be a global hero (Will be posted soon) and the original story of the ongoing series will be rewritten for a different character.

3. Arch Eagle is the genesis of what will be part of a larger universe, that will include many diverse and interesting characters.  Including but not limited to, The She Cat, Captain Knight, Blue Banshee, Lonestar, Nashoba Lusa, Justice Corps etc.
The Rise of Arch Eagle Plus-Shadow Strike
 This outline is a group of mini series detailing the origin and early adventures of Arch Eagle. Please tell me what you think. Arch Eagle and all related characters belong to me, She-Cat and related character belong to The-She-Cat  Please comment and let me know what your think. Critique needed.  
I. The Lost Son
Riley Barne returns to his hometown of Arving, Oklahoma after more than 12 years abroad, he finds his home in the iron grip of crime and corruption. When his childhood best friend, PaTech CEO Robert Patrick Jr. is kidnapped, Riley suits up to save him. He uses some “gifts”  (such as enhanced senses and reflexes) and some equipment he brought home, to rescue his friend. The next morning, he realizes he made an impact in the minds of the town’s populous, and decides to become it’s guardian, and wage a one man war on the Arving Syndicate. To do this he becomes The Arch Eagle.

II. The Militant Guardian
Arch Eagle begins making an impact by night while Riley tries to reconnect with his family and friends. He is little luck with his high school sweetheart (and mother of his now 11 year old son) Leslie Dawson, and his father Captain Michael Barne. He has better luck with his younger sister Nikki and his childhood friend Robert.  Robert offers his friend a job as a security/body guard, Robert discovers his friends secret and offers PaTech resources for equipment and becomes Arch Eagle’s tech support codenamed The Herald. Arch Eagle faces off against an assassin named Stiletto, who is looking to collect a debt from the Monroe Company, owed to her by the presumed dead boss Timothy Agnew.  Arch Eagle defeats her but she escapes. Sheriff Joseph Karp gives her a case full of money to pay the said debt and put her on a retainer. Arch Eagle and Herald continue to dig deep into the Arving underworld.

III. The Executive
Arch Eagle and Herald finally get closer to the true power, and discover a shadowy figure calling himself The Executive is the true power of the Syndicate. Using his skills as a detective and intelligence Arch Eagle finally comes face to face with the Executive aka Seamus Delehanty. Arch Eagle is nearly killed by the strong kingpin, and is left for dead on a deserted road in Tasah Tuska MC territory. Arch Eagle fights back but in his weakened state is overwhelmed until he gets some help from the shadows. Five of the twelve bikers are snipped. Arch Eagle investigates but his savior is already gone.

IV. The Team
Arch Eagle forms an alliance with Captain Barne. They begin manipulating events to weaken the Syndicate. Arch Eagle comes face to face with his savior, his old military buddy Jayden Goldrick. Jayden, disillusioned with civilian life in his hometown of Hill Creek, Texas, decided to come to his former comrade for advice, and ended up seeing the vigilante in action, he discovered his friend was that vigilante and began helping him from the shadows. Riley allows Roy to join the team, despite Robert’s fear that Roy is too unpredictable and unstable. Riley allows Jayden to join the team, as long as Jayden agrees to “follow the rules”. (during a training session Riley lays out these rules, 1. Give me everything you have 2. Give me more 3. I make the rules (A rip off scene I loved in the Batman Adventures). Meanwhile, Riley and Leslie get on the path to reconciliation, and Riley begins building a relationship with his son, Sean.  

V. Officer Down
Captain Barne announces his plans to run for Sheriff in the next election, during said press conference the captain is shot down. The Team and the SCU begin their separate investigations, Arch Eagle is called on by an informant called “The Cowboy” who reveals some shocking secrets, involving the Barne/Hughes family hand in creating The Syndicate. He also reveals something shocking about syndicate boss Seamus Delehanty (long story but basically The Barne/Hughes Family made a deal with the then small Monroe Company back in the 70’s, if Timothy Agnew helped the Hughes get rid of the Antonio/Camonte clan who were looking to take over town, they would allow Timothy to operate in Arving unmolested as long as he didn’t bring drugs or prostitution into town. They did and Agnew killed Paul Camonte, who is Seamus’ biological grandfather) Arch Eagle keeps this information to himself. The team finally locates the shooter and the person who hired him (who it turns out to be angry ex-girlfriend who was obsessed with the Captain) Arch Eagle confronts both and kills them. Captain Barne recovers and continues his campaign.

VI. Quite Deadly
A serial killer begins dropping bodies in Arving, at each scene the killer leaves a note, with random sentences that add to the enigma of his murders. Captain Barne calls in Arch Eagle to help find the killer. The Team take to the streets, but regardless the killer keeps dropping bodies before disappearing into the night. Riley takes a closer look at the letters the killer leaves behind and sees a pattern. In the first note the first letter of the first word each sentence spells out the word “Quietus”. In second note the second letter of the second word each sentence spells out the word Sixty and ends with the letter 3. Each note is the same, the third letter of the third word and so on.  The code finally spells out Quietus Sixty-3 NST….Arch Eagle figures out Quietus’s next target, 603 N ST….however there are four 603 N Streets (NW NE SW SE)  , he calls Captain Barne and tell him to post officers at each of the N Street addresses (NW NE SW SE), Arch Eagle and his team focus their attention on what Arch Eagle believes is the killers most likely target, N Street Southeast, The Arving Youth Athletics Fields, where Robert is hosting the Annual Youth Soccer Tournaments. Jayden and Robert keep an eye on the ground, as Robert is giving his speech, looking over the crowd carefully (and acting as bait), Jayden is blending into the crowd, looking for anyone suspicious. Meanwhile Arch Eagle is perched on a nearby tower, looking over the crowd and entire area with binoculars. Robert spots a suspicious looking induvial, sitting behind the mayor. He signals the others, and begins walking in direction of the suspicious induvial, Jayden spots him as well, and begins to quietly make his way there, but gets pulled aside by his “love interest” A.D.A. Dakota Evans (who precedes to lecture Jayden on missing their date a few nights before) Arch Eagle see’s the commotion and spots the induvial, who is reaching down in his boot, Arch Eagle swings into action, as the induvial pulls out a knife, and grabs the mayor. Arch Eagle tackles the killer and The Mayor’s bodyguard escorts him away from danger.  In full view of everyone around, Arch Eagle and the killer Quietus, fight it out, Quietus seems to get the upper hand, and has Arch Eagle pinned, and struggles to bring the knife down on the vigilante, laughing, as they struggle, finally Arch Eagle “goes primal” and over powers the killer, and manages to grab his knife, he puts the knife to the throat of the killer, and is about to open his throat when Robert yells through the com…NO! Arch Eagle stops, looks up and sees there are people watching him, several of them children, in the crowd he sees his own son, Riley throws the knife aside and instead hits the killer, knocking him unconscious, Arch Eagle stands and is suddenly cheered by the entire crowd, he stands still for just a moment, looking at the crowd, until the approach of sirens causes him to disappear into the darkness.

VII. On the Brink
Arch Eagle plans to destroy the Syndicate from within begins to backfire. Jayden discovers the secrets of the Barne/Hughes family past, he brings the information to Riley who “orders” him to drop it. Jayden instead goes to kill those still alive who were involved, starting with Geoffrey Barne, however when seeing the old man outside playing with his grandkids, he can’t bring himself to do the deed, knowing how it would hurt Riley and the rest of the family. Instead he leaves the information with someone he trusts, Assistant District Attorney Dakota Evans (not decided yet but she may be a brief love interests for Jayden while he is in Arving) He ask her to do with it as she sees fit, but ask for her to wait until after the war that is coming. During a romantic evening Riley reveals his secret to Leslie, and asks her if she is willing to accept his double life, to
marry him. Leslie surprisingly doesn’t hesitate and accepts.  

VIII. Street War
The Street Wars begins with the Tasah Tushka pulling away from the Syndicate then going to war against the Black Diamonds, turning Diamonds Rough into an all-out war zone. The Team help regain control of the violence and hopefully take out both gangs in the process. The Teams fails to contain the violence in Diamonds Rough, and the battle between the two escalates causing a back lash of violence that spreads through out town.  The Executive sends a force of his best men from the Monroe Company to the Barne Ranch. The Syndicates mixed force show up and a battle begins , with many of the family taking up arms, (including both of Jason’s 80 year old grandmothers) The Sheriff calls Arch Eagle and tells him of the situation, at the same time the courthouse is being attacked by Black Diamonds, he makes the decision to reinforce the courthouse with some of PaTech’s security force while he and Jayden go rescue the Barne Family. They arrive and slaughter the entire Syndicate team, The team and Sheriff Barne then heads back out to help at the courthouse. The Security Force and Sheriffs Department manage to beat the Black Diamonds back by the time they arrive, Arch Eagle calls a meeting with his team and the Sheriff. He finally reveals his identity to his father, who doesn’t act surprised and simply ask what’s next. Riley calls in the civilian network he had been building for months which he calls the Militia, Robert activates the PaTech “Special Ops” he codenamed the Lynxes, and Jayden calls in some help from She-Cat and a small team of independent agents. Within hours under the cover of night and during a lull all the support comes in. It’s now all-out war. The war drags on, and climaxes at the doorstep of Seamus’ Estate. Arch Eagle faces off against the king pin himself while Amira faces off against the assassin Lady Crimson. She-Cat and Jayden (bickering at one another the entire time) fight it out outside with Monroe enforcer William “The Kid” Malone and what’s left of his killers. Arch Eagle and his allies win, but at very heavy costs, among the dead (this list might change) Molly Samson, Dean Cobb, Mitch Ballen among others. Jayden disillusioned and angry leaves Arving. David Rowe, one of the “Militia” joins the team and becomes ’s protégé under the name Kite. Arch Eagle and Captain Barne and Nikki grieve for Molly but soldier on, and together, with what’s left of his allies begin their work to clean up the aftermath.

IX. Period of Adjustment
Seamus is awaiting trail and Arch Eagle goes to see him in jail. Seamus swears revenge. The Team, with it’s newest member go after what is left of the Syndicate with a vengeance. Meanwhile Dakota now D.A. confronts the sheriff about the information Jayden gave her. The Sheriff denies personal involvement but confirms much of it, and tells the DA to do what she feels is right, but to keep in mind the fragility of Amor County at the moment. For now Dakota decides to leave it be.

X. The Darkness
The Gothic looks to move into Arving to fill the power vacuum left in the wake of the street wars. Before he can do so however he must destroy his old foe Arch Eagle. The team waste little time and fights the Darkness on  several fronts, He finally finds The Gothic and defeats him (just barely The Gothic is a formable fighter) he tells the Gothic to stay out of Arving or next time he will kill him. Meanwhile Seamus goes on trail and things begin to go sour for the prosecution when all evidence gathered by the vigilantes is thrown out, leaving little for the prosecution to go after Seamus with. Seamus ends up acquitted. Once again Arch Eagle shows up, aiming a gun to his head and tells him he has twenty-four hours to get out of town, or he will die. Seamus laughs but to prove his point Arch Eagle breaks his arm and blows out his knee with a bullet. For now, Seamus leaves town but he still swears revenge on the vigilante and the entire Barne Family.

XI. The Return of Quietus
The week of Riley and Leslie’s wedding The killer Quietus returns, and goes on another killing spree, but this time its more personal. After his killing spree gets underway, Quietus targets Leslie Dawson, he tortures and rapes her before killing her and puts the whole thing on video, and sends it in a sealed envelope addressed to Arch Eagle. Arch Eagle is given the envelope and reads the note also enclosed. Which says “Every hero must have a villain, and the only way to end their strife is for one of them to die?” Riley then watches the video. Afterwards he goes and finds Leslie dead. He calls his son Sean (now away at college) and tells him his mother died in a car wreck. Riley goes on a downward spiral, getting increasingly violent as well as hitting the bottle hard. His friends and family try to talk him back from the brink, but there is nothing he can receive. Robert calls Riley’s old friend Tyler Masters, aka She Cat. Tyler manages to bring Riley back from the brink, and together they go after Quietus. Arch Eagle fights the killer and has him at his mercy, then puts a bullet in his head. He kicks the killers corpse into the Washita river. Later the Washita river flows, then a hand coming on the bank and the face of Quietus staring at the reader in a terrifying grin. The bullet hole still in his head.

1. These stories are part of an ongoing series that is a continuation of Arch Eagle miniseries The Birth and Rise of Arch Eagle. There will also be specials that will feature Arch Eagle and his allies, which include but aren’t limited to She Cat, Lonestar (Jayden Goldrick), Captain Knight and Nashoba Lusa.
2. Arch Eagle’s sagas will continue in this primary ongoing series but he will also be featured in other titles as well, including but not limited to, The Vigilantes, Justice Corps, Arch Eagle and She Cat, as well as various guest spots throughout titles of the VS Universe. Making Arch Eagle a center character of the universe.
Arch Eagle on going series version one
This is a snippet of Arch Eagle's ongoing series in which he becomes a hometown hero as well as a global hero, after the events of the Rise and Birth of Arch Eagle. 



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